What to Consider when Selecting a Balcony/Deck Railing

There's more than just Building Code to consider when selecting a railing for your deck or balcony with location being the main guiding factor when looking for the right solution to fit your privacy, ventilation, view, and budget requirements.

It's important to find a product that's safe, durable, and stylish with a variety of panels and designs to choose from.  For the Pickering Project House I went with RailBlazers Aluminium Railing Systems not only because it hit all the above points, but it's also a straightforward DIY system readily available at HomeDepot, making it both cost and time saving!  

How do I know what railing is right for me?

Peak LED
  • Location: Upper or lower deck? House, cottage, or building? The location is the first step in figuring out the function of your railing
  • Ventilation: How much or how little breeze do you want or get?  A solid panel design will help block strong breezes, like those off a lake, while open panels or pickets will allow air to flow through
  • View & Privacy: Glass panels can be a great way of providing the function you need without detracting from your view.  Tinting the glass adds a bit of privacy, and cuts glare, without completely blocking everything.
  • Budget: Like it or not, most of us do not have limitless budgets, and it's important to stick to them.  Because the RailBlazers system is geared towards DIY'ers it allows you to consider little upgrades like Peak's LED lighting that may not have been a consideration if you had to pay for labour too


I went with the black aluminium railing and solid glass panels from RailBlazers for the #PickeringProject Master Balcony.  

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